Smol Dungeon

2021 Mobile Game
Enter the Smol Dungeon if you dare. You seek the noblest of treasures, The Chalice. But beware! There are dangerous monsters in this dark place. Navigate through the depths of the Smol Dungeon using your wits, traps, and teleporters. Mind the blood too, you don't want to dirty your shoes do you?

Smol Dungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler with fun gameplay and 5-10 minute long runs.


2021 AI Project
Use the Littlefish AI to analyze sequences of numbers and make predictions for what the next numbers might be.

Run Tool

2020 Running Pace Calculator
Convert running paces from miles to kilometers, show extrapolated paces for common events.

Sissy the Helper

2020 Novella
A family accidentally lets a goblin housekeeper into their home.

Little Riddle

2019 Riddles
A small collection of riddles for you to solve.

Troll Witch

2019 Short Story
A young girl ventures into a dangerous and magical forest where she encounters a fearsome troll witch.A young girl ventures into a dangerous and magical forest where she encounters a fearsome troll witch.

Soggy Bottoms

2018 Podcast
Carissa Fish and Kris Shamloo discuss season four of the Great British Baking Show. Note that we're going by how Netflix is counting seasons since that is how we were first exposed to the show. There are a lot of puns.

Daily Story

2017 Podcast
A short story every day, for one hundred days. Stories of various flavors, shapes, and sizes. Let's get lost together.

It's a Sham

2016 Podcast
Cousins Kris and Nina sit down to discuss the meaning of life, the pursuit of happiness, but end up talking about sandwiches. Do you know about dry shampoo?

Fire Prince

2012 Novel
The story of Andin, the Fire Prince, who sets out on an adventure through the elemental planes, exploring the realm and fighting evil as he goes.

Black Tie

2011 Novel
A man wakes up in a mysterious desert at the center of which lies the great obelisk. Within the obelisk lies the secret of his strange world.


2010 Short Story
This room is your home. You've known nothing else but you know everything else.

About Kris

Ongoing Person Project
Often scratching creative itches. I enjoy making games, videos, music, stories, programs, and podcasts.

By day I am a software engineer at Google helping make Pixel cameras better.